Saturday, October 04, 2008

Culture Saturday

Today I took some time to be with me and took me to some exhibitions. The first one was about Finnish art in 70's. I enjoyed it a lot. There were numerous works on paper and that, of course, always rigns the bells of my soul. The wood block print in the picture was one of my favourites.

The next exhibition me, myself, and I saw was from a finnish painter, whose works have never before really touched me though I've seen them. This time, the whole weird world the artist had created in a big exhibition hall was quite fashinating in almost a horror kind of way. I was impressed by real looking models he had made of existing buildings and it was entertaining to see how those models and paintings were parts of a same story, that was not really told from the beginning to the end - no point in that explanation - all the same, I kind of liked it.

Then I went to see Ars Fennica 2008 exhibition. Once again I have to say that though I have learned to watch art videos and even learned to like that art media - there weren't that many works in the exhibition that I found even a bit intresting. But I guess that's because of me, why would they show all that otherwise.

The last exhibition I saw today was by a photographer. Her works were beautiful. Beautiful surface. I didn't know if I liked them or not. I guess I had had my maximum dose of art for that day before her show.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Last spring I decided to plant tomatoes and see if they will grow at all. I am not known for my gardening skills, so I didn't expect much. Tomatoes started to grow and they created a green jungle on my balcony. None of the plants made a single tomato - until now, right before the weather is turning so cold that tomatoes will die, I found two little green tomatoes in the middle of the wild green jungle type of material. I doubt that they have time to turn red and become edible before minus degrees (Celcius) arrive. All the same, I am a happy balcony gardener.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I wonder if there is still someone checking out if I ever write anything on my blog. I wouldn't blame anyone for not doing that. I have neglected my blog.

Things are fine - if you wondered. I am working at a museum and I love the job. Every early morning I am glad that I can go to work, and I am not natural born morning person at all. This all new to me. Until now I have basically done jobs I have disliked and going to work has been an on going pain - especially in the morning. Not anymore.

M was in Japan and returned home couple of weeks ago. He liked the trip and he said being there was like he hadn't been away from there at all. I think I would feel the same, if I went to Japan - and I will. Some day. The kid is still upset because he wasn't allowed to follow M to Japan. The kid is obsessed with Japan. But who wouldn't be.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Oh boy

I made some minimum lay out tests on my blog and lost info I'd put on the side bars with a single click on the left mouse button. I guess I have to come back to this problem when I have more time and energy. And when the hell is that?

Friday, August 08, 2008

Happy worker

I am working! It's a real job and I can do what I have been educated for. Oh boy, oh boy, it's fun!

M is in Japan for three more weeks. The kid has been VERY upset because he wasn't allowed to travel with M. He still misses Japan.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Summer Report

It's summer holiday season in Finland. M has been on his holiday since the end of June. I am still unemployed for couple of more weeks so we have had time to do holiday things.

On the first week we went to camp in a National Park, which actually is in the same city where we live. It rained, but it didn't matter - our tent was waterproof (now it's proven). But that didn't prevent me freezing through the night in my sleeping bag. I get cold easily.

The next day three of us walked a 2 km's route in the woods. The kid was thrilled. The picture is taken from that walk.

I can warmly recommend Noux National Park to anyone who travels with kids and especially if you don't have to drag a stroller with you.

The weather hasn't been the best this summer. They say it's the coldest summer in 15 years. It's been raining a lot. Still there were couple of sunny days when we were able to go to a beach close by. The kid swam with his life saverlike a seal and the water was freeeezing cold. No force on this planet would have got me into the water, except an emergency, but thankgod there are always life guards on beaches to take care of that.

We spent a week at my friend's house in a small town, 2 hours north east from Helsinki. It's a great place: kids can run wild on the yard and there is plenty of room to stay away from them. M and me decided to try juice fasting there. We started detoxing five days before the actual fast: off coffee, off alco and off sugar. Coffee was the most difficult for me and thanks to caffeine withdrawal I had a splitting head ache for all those five days.

The fast is still on: the 6th day, so I can't say much about it yet. So far I have felt tired and sometimes quite weak and every now and then I have had sudden cravings for practically anything one can eat. Otherwise this isn't as bad as I imagined. Tomorrow we'll start eating again. We'll do it as we should: small portions and only veggies for two days. And then I'll have my first cup of coffee on monday. Mmmmmm, coffeeeeee.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Doing, doing, doing - nothing

Oh boy I am glad to hear that I am not the only person who arrives to places WAY too early - greetings to Texas, by which I mean the state, not my smelly dog friend in Gothenburg.

Since I came back home, I haven't done much of anything. Of course I have spent time with the kid, but other than that... days just go by and the great cleaning project at home remains undone. It's sometimes nice to do nothing, even in the middle of a mess.

Oh, we did travel up to north last weekend. We took a night train on friday, spent one night at my brother's, and travelled back on sunday. When we returned home the train was full of rock festival people and while I looked at them I felt sad: I would have wanted to go to that festival too and only because Foo Fighters played there. Oh well, this was my second time when I choose to miss FF and then regretted it (a little) afterwards.